Minimize Downtime with a Proactive Approach to Maintenance.  We’ll Keep Your Electrical Equipment in Good Working Order.

Top 10 Reason for Regular Maintenance on Your Electrical Equipment

Our commercial electrical maintenance services are designed to prevent down time and keep your team safe. Regular maintenance keeps your electrical systems functioning and extends the lifetime value of your electrical components.

1. Avoid Emergencies – If a wire is overloaded and short circuits, it can cause excessive heat buildup, fires, and even explosions. Regular inspection helps you avoid short circuits and heat buildup.

2. Emergency Preparedness – Despite the best efforts to avoid emergencies, they still can happen. Regular inspections keep your emergency systems wortking and automated. We will also inspect your emergency lighting, signage, and power indicator displays.

3. Wire Load Distribution – Avoid power fluctuations and mishaps by evening the load distribution between wires.

4. Overloaded Components– If your components are running hot, they are on the fast track to burnout. We’ll fix that for you.

5. Loose Connections – Things will shake and rattle so it’s good to once over the wires and connections on a regular basis. Loose connections can cause power fluctuations and other issues.

6. Prolong the Life of Your Motors – Just like wires, the motors in your equipment can also be overloaded. We inspect for heat, smells, and vibrations to keep your motors firing on all cylinders.

7. Extend the Useful Life of Your Assets – Avoid excessive wear and tear with a regular “check up” for your electrical components.

8. Avoid Downtime – Time is money and unplanned downtime is money down the drain. This can have a detrimental impact on your bottom line.

9.Energy Efficiency – When your electrical equipment is functioning well within it’s own design parameters, then you’re getting more work done with less money.

10. Peace of Mind – This is the blue sky. It’s the feeling you have when everything is running smoothly -exactly as it should.

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About Maintanence

Ongoing maintenance is partnership where we share a common end goal: keep the equipment working efficiently and everyone safe. You can count on YES, LLC for:  

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An important part of commercial building operations. Electrical maintenance is custom-designed to fit the characteristics of your facility and it’s unique requirments.

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